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Terms and conditions

Special conditions TEA & CHILL Reservation



The photos illustrating the Accommodation on our site are contractual but certain modifications to the real estate can be made and can not engage the responsibility of Tea & Chill. The descriptions of the Accommodation are carefully drawn up and updated regularly. However, we could not be held responsible for certain modifications which have occurred since publication on our site or for certain unfinished or temporarily interrupted facilities (maintenance work, climatic hazards, etc.).

The Accommodations are not hotel structures, a faulty item cannot be replaced immediately, the response times of a repairer on site must be taken into account and will not be subject to compensation.



Accommodation must be vacated on the day of departure by 11 a.m. at the latest and cannot be occupied until 3 p.m. on the day of arrival. The calculated prices are based on a number of nights, not days. Therefore, if for various reasons (flight delays, natural circumstances ...), the first and the last day are shortened by a late arrival or an early departure, no refund could be made. The inventory can be done at 10 a.m.



The rented accommodation must be occupied by the number of people stipulated when booking. The accommodation services (swimming pool, sleeping accommodation, etc.) are exclusively reserved for the persons stipulated on when booking.

In the event that the on-site representative ascertains the presence throughout the stay of a number of people greater than the number stipulated in the contract, Tea & Chill may request compensation calculated in proportion to the number of additional people based on the initial amount of the payment. service: in any case, the number of additional people may not exceed the maximum number of beds tolerated by the Accommodation. In case of refusal, the representative on site may request the departure of travelers.



Tourist taxes are to be paid when booking depending on the accommodation. Their amount being established by the town hall, they vary according to the municipalities and the classification of the goods.


Water and electricity costs are included in the price of the Service sold. Some Accommodations impose rules for the use of air conditioning (at night only, for example). In the event of non-compliance with these rules, a deduction from the deposit may be made by the correspondent.



The customer has the obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by his act. Any organization of parties, ceremonies, etc. is strictly prohibited without prior agreement with Tea & Chill before the contract is concluded. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the on-site correspondent may request that the event organized within the accommodation be stopped. Compensation may be claimed by Tea & Chill or the owner in the event of damage observed.



It is imperative that customers notify Tea & Chill if they are traveling with pets. Their presence is subject to acceptance by the owner of the Accommodation booked. The responsibility of the owner or that of Tea & Chill can not be engaged for the consequences resulting from a stray animal. The customer alone is responsible for any damage or prejudice his animals may cause.



In all cases, including when the rented establishment has a swimming pool, customers are solely responsible for the vigilance and safety of accompanying children. The responsibility of the owner or that of Tea & Chill can not be engaged in the event of an accident.



Accommodation requires the delivery of a DEPOSIT by credit card via our partner SWIKLY before arriving on site. The amount of the deposit is systematically stipulated when booking. It will be returned within fifteen days after the stay following the inventory and the end-of-stay inventory. A deduction from the deposit at the discretion of the owner or the representative on site may be made in the event of missing or broken items or the return of the accommodation occupied in a state of disorder and cleanliness requiring additional hours of cleaning. compared to those normally provided for in the contract. The accommodation offered is not the property of Tea & Chill, just as the on-site correspondent is employed directly by the owner. In the event of disagreement between the on-site correspondent and the client about a possible deduction from the deposit, a negotiation must be set up directly between the client and the owner of the accommodation. If the damage caused is estimated to be greater than the deposit paid at the start of the stay, a litigation file involving the insurance of the various parties, if necessary, will be opened by the owner of the Accommodation. Customers must ask the insurer of their main home for an extension of insurance (free in most cases) for the duration of their stay or take out rental liability insurance in order to protect themselves against this risk.



Any dispute or dispute must be reported to Tea & Chill no later than 24 hours after entering the premises. This will allow us to resolve the problem or find an amicable agreement. After this period and without finding a rental problem on site, no complaint will be admissible.

The reservation becomes effective only upon receipt of a deposit and the registration of the means of payment for the deposit by our service provider SWIKLY (even in the event of an option request, whether oral or written). The balance of the amount of the services is requested from the customer no later than 45 days before his arrival on site. In the event of a reservation less than 45 days before departure, the total amount of the service must be paid to confirm the reservation. Failure by the customer to comply with the payment conditions stipulated in the GTC will be considered as a cancellation requested by the customer. In this case, the conditions in the event of cancellation by the customer (below in this document) would apply.

The customer remains in all cases responsible for the payment of all amounts agreed for the products or services ordered. Any bank transfer issued from a bank outside France must be denominated in euros exclusively. Transfers from abroad are subject to a surcharge of 1% to cover bank charges.



Accommodation is provided by the rental manager or by Tea & Chill, who undertakes to deliver it in a perfect state of cleanliness and maintenance, in accordance with the description on the website and the standards in force. However, it cannot be held responsible in the event of theft, loss, accident, damage, or other problems that may arise with regard to all customers or their property. The personal items and effects of customers are strictly their own responsibility. The customer is required to insure the accommodation entrusted to him and rented against rental risks (fire, water damage, etc.).

He must therefore check whether his main housing contract provides for the “resort” extension (vacation rental). Otherwise, customers are invited to take out insurance.

The customer has the obligation to report within 24 hours any damage occurring in the accommodation, its outbuildings or accessories.



In order for each client to find accommodation in an impeccably clean state upon arrival (dusted furniture, cleaned refrigerator, etc.), the final cleaning fee is compulsory. However, each client is still required to return the Accommodation to a proper state of cleanliness, dishes done, bins emptied, BBQ, oven and microwave cleaned.

Failure to comply with this clause will result in a deduction from the deposit.



In the event of a cyclone, natural or extraordinary disaster, strikes, forcing customers to cancel or shorten their stay, Tea & Chill will not be able to reimburse the days not occupied, nor to bear the additional costs incurred by the event.

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